Sunday, April 24, 2011

Smooot Toots!

Mckenzie ____ Smoot
Smooot, Tootie
oh smoot! this is going to be a long one, i can feel it. well, our crazy friendship started this summer; but if people saw us together they would think that we have been friends for YEARS. we met through the homies, and had the best summer of our lives, easily! at the beginning i was kinda iffy just cuz i had never really talked to you before, but once we started talking; we were so close! we started hanging out on our own, and it was kind of weird at first, but it grew to be natural. hahahah i remember the first time i ever went over to your house, it was after cassie's party. i tip toed into your house, trying not to make noise, we got in bathin suits (hah wow) and then showered trying to get clean.. i remember feeling so weird! just that feeling you get when you've never been in a house so you don't know how to act.. how i've come soooo far since then, now i know your house code.. sleep over there at least once a week, and eat at your family dinners; don't forget yelling at your stupid brothers and calling your parents momma and papa smoot rather then brother and sister smoot. at the beginning of the year, i had a rough time; and your family took me in. your family has become my second family, and i will forever be grateful for what they have done for me.. nothing can compare. let's talk about the boys for a minute: at the beginning we were always going through the same things, ALWAYS! we had the same break up around the same time, and it was soooo rough. whenever i was talking to him, you were talking to yours. it was a disaster, but then it sort of flipped when we started liking other people. everytime you were good with a guy, i was horrible! and vise versa, it was like cupid was against us both being happy! hahahah. i really don't think i would be where i am in that situation if it weren't for you making me get over it, and move on. all the nights i was on the phone for hours you would sit there and make the funniest faces when they would say stupid stuff, i will never forget the talk you had with him about her.... HAHAHAH! seriously the best thing ever. next to our car rides of course, when better then revenge comes on, rhyming names, when baby comes on... you know what we do! all the nights on the tramp! going to get apple beer from walkers.. just driving around for hours listening to our overplayed cd's we made! i can't even begin to write down all our times together, and some are pretty embarrassing i'm sure.. how about when we played the water game, and you basically breaking my phone, bih! ha jk. you we're always there for me to talk to, and every night we would lay there super close and just talk. i think those were the days that our friendship grew the most, was those nights (that sounds kinda creepy! but you know what i mean). we have had soooo many laughs and good times, i can't even count. i think my good times with you tops any other friend. there are just SOOO many, this past summer alone; and then living together, brought endless possibilities. i remember when your parents wanted to go out to dinner with us, and i was so scared! i thought they were going to be like "k it's time for you to go home", but it was the opposite, they told me that i could move in if i would like. no one has ever done such a nice thing for me, and that's just how your parents are. nice. your house has the spirit in it so much, i never feel like i'm not safe in your house.. it's like overwhelming how strong it is. that is another thing i admire about you, your faith. yeah you struggle sometimes, but it goes beyond the church. the faith you have that everything will end up okay, you are always soooo positive; i wish i could be that way. let's not forget the fact that you are the best of friend to anyone, you would do anyttttthing for your friends, no doubt. i know if i was in real trouble you would be there in a second. i can't sit here and explain the feeling i have about our friendship, but it's so real! i really think that i was meant to become friends with you, cuz you have helped me so much, with EVERYTHING this past year. i can never repay you for what you have done for me, except for to say thank you sooo much kenzie (yes i did just call you kenzie, weird? yes). you have no idea what an impact you've made on me! whenever something huge or even little happens i automatically say "i need to call smoot", and you without a doubt listen to me, and you never judge me. that is one thing i've always wanted in a friend, someone who never judges; and that's you. you have NEVER EVER judged me.. also you always put me in my place if i'm wrong, people think you always take my side; but little do they know! that's not always the case. you say what you think is right, and that has helped me a lot this year.. is your advice! it's going to be so weird when you're not at school with me anymore, even though you're barely there now.. but i just know that our friendship will last through the hardest times, cuz even though we had just became friends, you stuck by my side through some real shitty times (sorry for the lingo, but that's exactly what they were. shitty). i would do anything for you smoot, i mean anything. and don't ever forget that. i love you soooo much! and like you a hell lot more then 99% of timpanogos high school! you'll always be one of my very best friends. thanks again for everything tootie!

the homie girls!

and if you ever wonder on how a girl survives, look at whose by her side.

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  1. This is definately A LOT better than the one i posted for myself... I just wanted to be recognized on your blog a little. But hey, I can't even begin to tell you how much i love this. Or how much i love our friendship. Or just how much i love you!