Monday, April 18, 2011

i love to plan my wedding... what?

overtime i have obsessed over my wedding, if you ask anyone that knows me, they would say that i'm a little obsessed. but honestly, can you blame me? i'm a super OCD person with wanting things to be perfect, so i obsess.

 Here is what you can expect my wedding to look like.

hope you're all as excited for my imaginary wedding as i am, can't wait to make it actually happen.


  1. don't mind me, i'm just gonna comment on your entire life. facebook and blog.

    but uhh, this is so YOU. and so freakin THE BEST. ah, i love it. i better be at your wedding cassafrass.,

  2. HELLAA.
    i love this wedding. like... a lot.
    not too fancy, but still kick a$$.

    so um, i'm really diggin' the song on your blog right now. so um, thanks :)

  3. don't even worry girl!
    my enitre wedding has been planed since i left the womb.
    i think we need to be friends.

  4. I think pin wheels would add a fun pizazz to it. They TOTALLY go along with your theme here. It's just so AWESOME!