Saturday, April 23, 2011

annskiiiiiii baby!

so i decided for a week i am going to to a post a day about someone who has impacted my life, or something like that hah anyways:

today, i decided to do..
Annika Leigh Madsen
also known as ANNSKII BABY, to me.
(i just realized we have like no normal pictures together? hah) annie, wow. where do i even start with you.. when we were little we were really good friends, and we lived in the same neighborhood for awhile, but our friendship didn't really start until i moved back. i came back, and i remember you coming up and hugging me then automatically saying "you don't remember me, do you?" but i did! you still don't believe me though. shooocker. hah, anyways, one day we got stranded at school and sat down by the auditorium, and that's where we discovered we were legitimate twins. well not legitimate, but seriously were SO much alike, and ever since then; it's like my missing piece of a best friend was there. our outlook on life is the exact same, as well as a lot of other serious stuff.. and i think that is one of my favorite things about our friendship, we can sit and have serious talks for HOURS. we have been through a lot of the same stuff, and i think that's why we relate so much. we realize that there is so much more to the world then stupid little orem county, and more to just being friends with everyone. it's about having those few that you know will always be there for you. and annie, you are that for me. we have had some ups and downs for sure, but we always come back up, and stronger then ever. i admire the strength you have SO much, how much you hold in; even though sometimes it drives me insane! cuz i hate seeing you hurt! but i admire it. i think when we had our little issue with another friend, made me realize how much i really can talk to you about anything; i might not like the input you have, but i appreciate it.. and most of the time, i should probably follow your advice, but i'm stubborn, we all know that. annie, i want you to know that you have made a huuuuuge difference in my life, huge. yeah, we might have been in some fights and haven't been inseparable for years, but that doesn't make a quality of a friendship.. and i've realized that so much this year. we may not hang out every weekend, but we're there for each other when we need each other most; and that's a real friendship. you always stand up for me, and hate when people treat me badly.. my favorite thing is when you called that one boy out.. we both have a short temper and a sarcastic attitude that sometimes gets us in a little trouble, but that's alright.. honestly, thank you so much for all you have done for me and my life. i really don't think i could have survived this past year and a half without you. i know that is super cliche, but you don't understand how much you have helped me! all the serious stuff aside, thank you for all the laughs we've shared! hahahahah there has been plenty of them for sure. i love you annie, and i will forever be in debt to you for all you've done. i hope you like me, cuz you're not getting rid of me ANY time soon, and even if i marry that kid you hate, OH so much, you will be right next to my side, as my maid of honor. once again, i love you annie and thank you so much for being my best friend.

the calling out:

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