Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's been awhile.

it's true, i haven't updated (a real update) in awhile. i apologize.

i have come to the conclusion of a couple things, that i would like to share with you.

success/path taking- i have realized in the past week that success is the best thing out there! it makes you feel so great about yourself. and can lead you to the path you want to go down for your career. for the past year and a half i have wanted to either major in TV broadcasting and minor in business, or vice versa. i was given the opportunity this past tuesday to go to a seminar at BYU, which you usually would not spot me at, and it was a seminar based on photography, business relations, marketing, TV broadcasting.. and such. they are looking for 8 interns to help with their track invitational. he wants someone that can do editing and writing but also know something about track (even though i did worthless track from 5-8 grade, i still know the stuff), and i feel like i am very qualified for it. would you think i would intern for BYU? most of you probably think that is the most far fetched thing, but if that's what i need to do to become successful, i will do that.

a cute text can light up your world- even though things haven't been the best in the boy department lately.. i realized that even when things are way tough, a cute text can reverse your mood in a second. even if it's from a particular someone that has been pushing your buttons way too much lately (eheeem, yes you). it doesn't matter, it feels good to see something like "yeah right i just forgot to text you back, i'm always thinking about you".. that can make you feel wonders in the moment.

people are so judgemental- THS is the most judgmental place ever! alright let's change that, UTAH VALLEY is the most judgemental place. i feel like this is the one place that people really drill on people based on tiny things like earrings, tattoos, or even colored hair. is it really a big deal? i know that you think that makes you "unpure", but do you think the big man upstairs wants us to be like everyone else? no he doesn't. that was all completely irrelevant to what i really want to talk about. one of my biggest pet peeves is when people judge you, and they don't know ONE dang thing about you. i think it's been that way for me since day one, since i was little. i have always been the different one in some way or another. maybe it's because i just have such a strong way of thinking, and i don't regret that one bit. if you know me, i could care less about what anyone thinks about me; i am me, you're not.. it's my life, why do you care? it's nice to have people think good things about you, but if they don't.. no need to stress over it. from 6th to 9th grade, i would always talk blue in the face to try to make things right, and not let people believe unreal things about me. but since i moved to utah, i realized i don't need to tamper who i am, ONE FREAKING BIT FOR ANYONE. but it is high school, and people have nothing better to do with their time other then talk ish on other people and get in their business. stop judging.

blog stalking- ahhahahahha! this one is one i have a lot to say about. i LOVE when people that "hate" me from my old home town talk about how ridiculous my blog is, or how i write about certain people too much. but if you hate me, why do you waste your time stalking my blog? i assume it's in your favorites, or you have my blog memorized. to me, it's flattering. i moved away a year and a half ago, and you still care enough to read my blog and my thoughts? that's fine but really, the things you say about it; why can't you just keep it to yourself? you guys DO NOT know me at all anymore,  not one thing. so to relate my blog to me as "being a joke" or whatever, it's completely ridiculous. and you're probably thinking "if you don't care about us, why are you going out of your way to write to us?" well, i mean i guess i just wanted to say thank you! you do read my blog, so i guess you deserve a shout out right? right. i'm sure certain people don't care one bit about me, and don't care about if i update my blog. so there is no need to go express to them about it. amen.

boys/relationships- are they worth it? i feel both ways about it.. at some extent i can be a premadona and get mad and say "wow, i wish he never came in my life" or something like "screw boys, forever!", but at the same time; i'm glad i have gone through what i have with certain boys and relationships. every time it makes me grow more and more, and that can be the best relief at the end of the day, to know you have grown. but are high school relationships meant to be so serious? i used to think so, but now. i am totally against that. yeah, people do get married to their high school sweetheart. but i think, if you love someone, you need to let them go, date around, and learn what you appreciate in them; if you truly think you are going to marry them. i have learned soooo much about what i want in a husband this past year, and trust me; they're a lot different then what i thought. but do i think high school relationships are okay to happen? yes, i do. high school relationships are the fun part of high school. when you look back you remember the boys you dated, the things that teared you down, and the people you had the best times with. usually not so much about your classes, unless you're a straight nerd, i guess that's okay! if that's what you're into. but i think people need to stop taking things so seriously, counting myself (if you thought i was counting myself out, you're wrong), and just live your life and have fun! it sounds so corny but it's true.

i guess this has gotten a little too long, so i will go; sorry if i rambled.

gratitude list:
i am greatful for my mother that pushes me to do my laundry!
i am greatful for icee's, they are so satisfying.
i am greatful for clean rooms, and nice smelling candles.
i am greatful for a's and a-'s on my report card.
i am greatful for a working phone.
i am greatful for CANDY and DIET COKE! (shocker?, probly not)
i am greatful for cinnamon suckers from pizza factory.
i am greatful for forgiveness.
i am greatful for mckenzie smoot, janessa olsen, skylar olsen, stephanie teal and annie madsen.
i am greatful for blogging!
i am greatful for life realizations.
i am greatful for justin bieber and ellie goulding.
i am greatful for facebook, if were being honest here.
i am greatful for high school dances (picture below)
i am greatful for SLEEP SLEEP AND MORE SLEEP.


  1. i love Ellie Goulding. she's got the greatest style.

  2. cass, WHYYYY are you so great?

    i'd really like to know.