Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i prefer.

being in high school you will come across the following:
-tourcherous homework
-pep assemblies
-flex orrientation
-some drama
-yucky lunches
-early mornings
-mean administration that just don't get it
-and dances.

dances, dances, dances is one of the main joys of high school.. i would have to say. and the next dance to come along is PREFERENCE. and i prefer grant misbach.

i decided to mix a couple ideas to ask him
i blew up 75 balloons, and on each one i wrote a name, and on the inside would have the simple answer "yes" or "no", (i even snuck some in that said cassidy, with the answer no on the inside.. hah) and then i decorated, actually destroyed his car. here are some pictures:

job well done? i would hope so, he was a little angry about having to clean up his car. but i mean, who get's angry when they just got asked to a dance? i was a little worried because i didn't wanna be that couple that goes to every single dance together, and i already asked him to sadies. but that's alright! i know it will be fun, either way. 

i'm ready to dance the night away.

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